Small Business Operating with 100 Percent Solar Engery

100% Solar Energy Runs City Gift and Souvenir Business
Solar array owned and operated by


In the past 6 years, we have saved over 315,000 pounds of CO2.  That's equivalent to taking 342,000 miles of driving off the road.

We own and operate our own solar farm to generate 100% of our electricity needs.  We have invested in the cleanest and most sustainable energy source to power our New York City theme business for the long term.  We are proud to say we are the FIRST gift and souvenir business in the United States that generates 100% of our electricity needs from our own solar farm.

We may not need solar for PR or to bring in business, but we feel it's important as a family run small business to make this commitment. We feel good when shopping at a business that takes environmentally conscious steps and hope you will feel good about shopping for your destination themed souvenir and business needs with us!

As a family run small city themed gift and souvenir business, we are excited to take this environmental commitment.  We enjoy shopping at businesses who make this commitment and we hope you will enjoy buying your city themed souvenirs and gifts with us!


Souvenir and gift business operating off of 100% solar engery. Owned and operated by


If you would like more information on our solar array, please contact us anytime.