31 Inch Marble Statue of Liberty Replica Statue from Liberty Island in New York City

31 Inch Statue of Liberty Marble Statue

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31 Inch Statue of Liberty Marble Statues

Made right here in New York City. This beautifully detailed Statue of Liberty Statue is made from a marble/polyester dust cold-cast manufacturing process.   New York statues made in Brooklyn.

Our beautifully detailed Statue of Liberty statues are great for indoor or outdoor settings. Outdoor care instructions are included with the purchase of this product. The weight of each Statue of Liberty statue is substantial.

These New York City statues make impressive gifts for business or personal.

31 Inch Statue with Full Base (35 lbs.)

Measurements   for the 31" Statue:
- Statue (w/o base)
Stands 20" tall
"Footprint" of statue   is 4 3/4" X 4 3/4"
- Base (w/o statue)
Full Base (FB)   stands 11" tall
"Footprint" of base is 9" X 9"

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