Brooklyn Bridge Mousepad

Brooklyn Bridge Mousepad

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Brooklyn Bridge Mousepads

Exclusive!  Take a stroll across the world famous Brooklyn Bridge with our unique photo design. This unique image showcases a beautifully sunny New York sky through the many cables of the bridge.  Our mousepads are perfect computer accessories!  Our Brooklyn Bridge mouse pads make a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Short history of the Brooklyn Bridge: Construction began on the first New York City river spanning bridge in 1869 as a way to connect Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights. While the final cost was $15 million, double the original estimate, its opening in 1883 would forever change the city's skyline and become synonymous with the history of this metropolis. Over 140,000 vehicles, 5,000 pedestrians and 2,500 bicyclists travel over the 6,016' span of the bridge every day, so join the crowds and see for yourself what makes the Brooklyn Bridge so special in the hearts of millions.  

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