White Statue of Liberty Statue

White Statue of Liberty 8.5 Inch Statue

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White Statue of Liberty Replica 8.5 Inches Tall

A pure white 8.5 inch Statue of Liberty statue, perfect for DIY painting projects or to go with a simple minimalist décor for home or office.

The white surface takes all paints and spray paints to create your own unique Statue of Liberty statue with your favorite colors and design.


- Paint your Statue of Liberty statue with the American flag or just red and white stripes.

- Spray paint your statue green on top and tan on the base with a gold metallic torch.

- Spray paint a base color and then hand paint circles in different colors.

- Take a paint brush and splatter different colors of paint to create a   Jackson Pollock style design!

The ideas are endless. Makes a great project for kids!

Measures 8.5H x 2.1W x 2.1D Inches

Material: Resin